MasterKure® ER 50 (Formerly Confilm)  

MasterKure ER 50 evaporation reducer reduces moisture evaporation from freshly placed concrete, especially in rapid drying conditions, such as high concrete surface or ambient temperatures, low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight, or work in heated interiors during cold weather, etc.


  • Does not affect concrete strength (early and
    ultimate), abrasion resistance, and durability
  • Reduces or eliminates crusting, stickiness, and underlying sponginess resulting in a consistent surface


  • Allows reduced slump and water content in concrete to facilitate proper hydration of highstrength mixtures
  • Reduces surface moisture evaporation approximately 80% in wind and approximately 40% in sunlight to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting
  • Prolongs surface plasticity for longer working time in hot, dry, or windy conditions

U.S. and Canadian Product Information:


Confilm became MasterKure RE 50 under the Master Builders Solutions brand, effective January 15, 2014.
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