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MasterFiber® F 70 

MasterFiber F 70 product, a microsynthetic fiber, is a fibrillated polypropylene fiber manufactured from 100% virgin homopolymer polypropylene resins. MasterFiber F 70 product meets the requirements of ASTM C 1116/C 1116M, Section 4.1.3, Type III, and Note 2 and the requirements of ICC-ES AC32 Sections 3.1.1 (plastic shrinkage reinforcement) and 3.1.2 (shrinkage and temperature reinforcement).


  • Excellent distribution
  • Excellent shrinkage and temperature reinforcement


  • Replacement for typical light gauge welded-wire reinforcement
    [6 x 6 W1.4 x W1.4 (152 x 152 MW9.1 x MW9.1)], depending on the application
  • Modifies macro-cracking and micro-cracking mechanism
  • Reduces plastic settlement
  • Extends service life with reduced maintenance
  • Enhances fatigue strength
  • Enhances impact, pullout and surface abrasion resistance
  • Reduces permeability

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