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MasterFiber® FS 7 

MasterFiber FS 7 steel fiber is a low carbon, drawn wire for reinforced concrete. The ends of the MasterFiber FS 7 fibers are mechanically deformed in order to provide maximum adhesion between the steel fiber and concrete. MasterFiber FS 7 steel fibers redistribute the stresses within concrete, restraining the mechanism of crack formation, propagation and extension. The result is a more ductile reinforced concrete that is able to maintain a residual load-carrying capacity in the post-cracking phase.

  • Loose fibers specially designed to avoid balling problems
  • Mechanically deformed ends
  • Improves toughness, flexural resistance, and increases tensile strength and shear resistance
  • Reduces shrinkage cracking
  • Improves safety
  • Optimizes sprayed lining thickness
  • Reduces rebound
  • Reduces tunnel lining construction time
  • Improves impact resistance
  • Provides higher energy absorption
  • Handles variable loads
  • Improves aesthetics by reducing cracking
  • Faster industrialized production process through the partial or total elimination of steel reinforcement cages
  • Improves resistance to damage during transportation and placing
  • Can reduce concrete thickness required
  • Improves durability in aggressive environments

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